About Palestine Photo & Image Bank


Since 1998 the Palestine Image & Photo Bank has become a valuable source of imagery. The Image Bank was conciously formed to promote a positive image of Palestine and its people.

Created with the vision of acclaimed international photographer and Palestinian artist Steve Sabella (b. 1975, Jerusalem), Steve received his first MA in Photographic Studies (with a Caparo Award of distinction) from the University of Westminster and his second MA in Art Business at Sotheby's Institute of Art in London. 

Currently based in Berlin, during his years in Jerusalem, Sabella was the official UNICEF and UNDP Photographer and has worked extensively with other United Nations organizations such as UNRWA, UNFPA, OCHA, WFP and other major international organizations such as OXFAM, Save the Children and Care International.

Some exciting news for 2013 is that we have introduced new photographers to our team, who are enriching the image bank with their own unique and individual visual style. Together with Sabella’s vision, the contributing Palestinian photographers will continue to offer a unique look on Palestinian life with a view from within.

As an established international artist, Sabella believes it is necessary to maintain, enrich and expand this important archive which is a valuable source providing a unique image of Palestine.


The Palestine Photo and Image Bank also accepts requests for prints, commissions and assignments.





Palestine 9 Meters

a mesmerising and unexpected journey to Palestine




Click here to learn more about the art of Steve Sabella or you can also watch his TEDx talk below that sheds light on the idea of image formation and how it can affect perceptions. 


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